Dibond Signs Product Details:
Printed 1 or 2 Sides And Laminated
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●    1/8" Thick Dibon
●    The sign material is made of both the aluminum and hard core rubber sign material. Two sheets of aluminum are permanently bonded to both sides of a high density rubber core, sandwiching the rubber sign panel in between. Aluminum Dibond metal signs have 10 times more strength than of .040" aluminum making it the 4th strongest sign panel

1/2" Thick


Single sided in full color/laminated   $225.00        Double sided in full color/laminated $292.00

                             Lot Sign Prices

Single Sided or Double Sided In Full Color/Laminated

Sign   4' x 4'   $150.00  30% More For Print On Back

           4' X 5'   $175.00  30% More For Print On Back 

Rider  1' x 4'   $50.00   30% More For Print On Back 

           4'X8'  $300.00 ​ 30% More For Print On Back

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