Custom Name Badge In FrESNO 

 $8.00 Per Badge   Magnetic Backing

Includes 3 instead of 2 dot magnets, so it holds better than the 2 magnet version. In this design, the magnet are recessed in the navy blue plastics, which gives this badge magnet a sleek looking and feel. The other types these magnets are used as badge attachments to replace the needle pins to avoid piercing through your valuable shirts. Each set of the product includes a magnet bar which has three dot neodymium magnets glued on a metal insert inside the plastic cover. The back plate of the set is made of stainless steal with 3M peel-n-stick pre-applied.

Material: Top quality neodymium magnets, 3M adhesives and stainless back plates
•Dimensions: Same size of a credit card.
•Holding Power: 7 lbs.
•Features: Navy blue plastics provides a sleek looking and feel. The adhesives are pre-applied on the back plates with a peel-off tab on the liner. Back plates are made of stainless steel and will never rust in any environment.

When someone knows your name, good things happen. Wearing a custom name badge will not only create an instant connection between you and the people you and/or your employees are interacting with, but it will enhance your business’ or organization’s brand. Name badges not only make each person wearing them more approachable, but they become a walking billboard.
Whether you’re an independent business person, a franchise operator, a faith-based organization or large corporation, name badges make you look more professional and open lines of communication that otherwise might not be opened. When your name badge is seen, good things happen.


Believe it or not name badge technology has come a long way since the invention of the pin backing. Our most popular name badges is now the magnetic backing. This innovative design comprises two separate pieces: a steel bar that is attached to your name tag and the second piece is a magnetic bar that is placed behind your clothing. The result? No pin holes, the magnet features an attraction that is strong enough to hold through everything from suit coats to sweaters. Your magnetic name tags will stay affixed exactly the way intended without turning sideways. FREE Clear Protective Coating.

Our professional name badges can turn a simple hello into a final sale. We want you to look your best. You can customize these with different text, colors, or even a logo. Add important company info, employee names, and titles.

This PVC plastic ID card is 30 mil / CR80, meaning that it is the same size and thickness as a standard credit card and is perfect for identification badges and employee cards.
ISO 7810 compliant, with a nominal thickness of .030", is 2.125" Tall and 3.375" wide.

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