Real Estate Magnets Spread the Word About Your Business

​Real estate magnets are a great promotional tool for any agency. With custom real estate magnets from A1 Signs And Banners you can significantly increase your exposure and ultimately gain more clients. Distribute real estate magnets via direct mail advertising or contact local homeowners’ associations to get the word out in your area. Real estate magnets ensure that when a homeowner or renter is interested in buying or selling, you’ll be the first agent they call. Our high-quality real estate magnets can be placed on refrigerators, file cabinets, doors, and any other indoor metal surface. Give your agency the exposure it needs with custom real estate calendar magnets.

Call for larger quantities and different sizes.

2'X3.5"   (250)  $138.00

                 (500)   $175.00

                (1000)  $255.00

2.5"X2.5"   (250)  $162.00

                      (500)  $205.00

                    (1000)  $280.00

4"X6"     (250)  $465.00

                 (500)  $615.00

               (1000)  $930.00


Make Your Message Stick With Refrigerator Magnets:

​Refrigerator magnets can be a great promotional freebie for your business. The fridge is a blank canvas and a great place to promote your business. Being the daily go-to place for hungry people means your business information will be highly visible to your customers everyday. Your customized refrigerator magnets can put your business information literally at their fingertips.

Print refrigerator magnets with us at A1 Signs And Banners. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes for all your promotional needs. Create a great design and make your message memorable with our full color printing. All of our magnets are protected with UV coating and laminated for durability to make sure your business information is a permanent kitchen fridge fixture.


​You have to make sure that your magnet can hold its place as well as notes that your customers may clip with it for a long time. Choose between our magnetic strength. 17 mil.

Contact Information:

Make your refrigerator functional by including your contact information instead of just your logo and a design. This makes contacting you easier for the customer.​​​

Refrigerator Magnets In Fresno

Refrigerator Magnets IN FRESNO

Price List   


Durable 17pt Magnetic stock      Available in any size     UV coated for impressive High Gloss finish

Open Monday thru Friday 10:00AM to 5:00PM 
                Closed Saturday & Sunday.     

Located In Fresno, California     Open Since 1980

4"X7"  (250)  $486.00

             (500)   $639.00

            (1000)  $948.00

4"X8"   (250)  $570.00

               (500)  $756.00

             (1000)  $1125.00

5"X7"    (250)  $600.00

               (500)  $810.00

             (1000)  $1230.00