$2.50 ​ Frame is 26" Tall

​Does Not Include The Sign

Double Sided 20"X20"   $18.00     Double Sided 18"X24   $20.00      Double Sided  24XX24"    $24.00

 Yard Stake Signs IN FRESNO

4mm corrugated plastic signs are a great alternative to aluminum yard or window signs.  Corrugated plastic signs are perfect for signage that is needed for a period of 12-18 months.  The material is resistance to sun exposure, so they can be used outdoors without yellowing.  Corrugated plastic signs are compatible with any wire stakes or metal frames of corresponding sizes.

Or use as a window sign

Lay Out 1                                                                  Lay Out 2

Single Sided  $18.00  20” wide by 20” tall

​       Your Choice Lay Out 1 or Lay Out 2

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We're all too familiar with the common, oily, bent over and often broken H-wire stake losing its struggle to remain upright against every wind gust. But that's not the case with the  Spider Stake. It's engineered to resist the kind of constant punishment Mother Nature enjoys dishing out every day. Sporting a fresh contemporary appearance, our rugged webbed design stands up to the wind and the handy integrated step-peg makes it easy to get the stake into even hard soil. The upper torsion bar design evenly distributes wind loads and faithfully returns the sign back to attention.  Spider Stake can be used with corrugated plastic substrates, or water-resistant corrugated cardboard for a more economic option. Made from near 100% recycled fiberglass reinforced high-density plastic.

We create beautiful high definition, full-color custom printed real estate signs using our state-of-the-art UV curable Inks. Our premium quality real estate signs are printed in high-resolution on 4mill corrugated plastic for a beautiful photographic quality appearance. Beware of the many quality levels of corrugated plastic real estate signs on the market today. Choosing a poor quality product can negatively affect the quality and durability of your signs. We use only top-quality corrugated plastic sheets. Real estate signs can be printed either single- or double-sided in any size.  A1 Signs and Banners © 2018

Our Yard Signs Provide a Cost Effective Way
To Get Your Message Across.
●    Highest Quality 4mm Corugated Plastic/Laminated
●    Solvent UV Ink Means Longer Lasting
        Sharper Signs

​​• Custom printed in vibrant color
• Produced with sturdy, recyclable      4  mill Corrugated Plastic
• FREE Wire Stakes
• Laminated

​​• Custom printed in vibrant color
• Produced with sturdy, recyclable      4  mill Corrugated Plastic
• FREE Wire Stakes
• Laminated